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After the rather dark Dining Room this page contains two very light rooms: The Music Room and the Oval Room.

The Music Room
The piano View of the windows to the balcony
Isn't this room beautiful? The light, the colours, everything. It has to be my favourite room in the house.
The Music Room with the fireplace Detail of the fireplace

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The Oval Room
The Oval Room Detail of one of the cupboards
Ceiling lamp in the Oval RoomThe Oval Room was originally Charles Rennie Mackintosh's Ladies room: an elegant oval, his favourite feminine symbol. This is the room the ladies would have moved to after the dinner was finished and the men were smoking their cigars... Table with chairs in the Oval RoomMackintosh did not design any interiors for this room, so when the house was built the architects developed the furniture and fittings based on other rooms CRM designed. Miss Kate Cranston's living room design was used to design the light fittings and window seats.

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