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Well, I doubt that I have to tell you much about, or It's probably the best known bookshop on the internet. But they also sell CD's and other things.

Travis: The Man Who Let's start with a few CD's from my favourite band: Travis

Their first album was Good Feeling from 1997. It contains hits like "All I Want To Do Is Rock", "The Line Is Fine", "Tied To The 90's" and my all time favourite "Happy".
Their second album is The Man Who from 1999 with hits like "Why Does It Always Rain On Me?", "Driftwood" and "Turn". The EP's taken from this album have some excellent live tracks on them, for example "Driftwood" played at the Link Cafe in Glasgow. Or the cover of Britney Spears' "Baby One More Time" (On EP 1 of "Driftwood")
Their third album came out in June 2001 and is called "The Invisible Band". You can order "The Invisible Band" at

Keeping the Scottish theme (Travis are from Glasgow), let's continue with two Scottish writers, Ian Rankin and Iain Banks:

Books by Ian RankinIan Rankin has written (well, is still writing I hope) the Inspector Rebus series. It is set in Edinburgh/Scotland, which is also where Ian Rankin lives. Using his local knowledge Rankin develops a lively picture of Edinburgh with his good and bad sides. The series begins with Knots & Crosses, moves on to Black & Blue (winning him the CWA Gold Dagger Award in 1997) to the currently last book Set in Darkness (with references to Scottish devolution and the new Scottish parliament building).
Follow Inspector John Rebus fight against "Big Ger Cafferty" (one of the big criminals in Edinburgh's underworld), his struggles with his superiors and the friendship with his colleagues Brian Holmes and Siobhan Clarke (a Hibs supporter). Follow him on a trip to London in Tooth & Nail to catch the Wolfman (also the title it was originally published under).
If you prefer to start with a few short stories you can try A Good Hanging, a collection of twelve Inspector Rebus mysteries. For a very well researched novel with topics ranging from war criminals to gangland fights between upstart Tommy Telford and Big Ger Cafferty you might want to move on to The Hanging Garden.
Latest news:
The new book just published in April 2001: The Falls. John Rebus still drinks too much, his ex-girlfriend is promoted to become his boss and several murders are taking place. Another excellent book!

Books by Iain BanksIain Banks is very versatile writer: Under the name Iain M. Banks he writes science fiction novels (which I haven't read as I'm not very interested in them), all other novels he publishes just under Iain Banks.
His first novel was The Wasp Factory, a rather bizarre and unusual story. I don't know how to describe the novel, the only thing I can say is that I couldn't put it down once I had started it. As a teaser may be this text from the back cover has to be enough: "Enter - if you can bear it - the extraordinary private world of Frank, just sixteen, and unconventional, to say the least.".
One of my personal favourites is The Crow Road, the story of Prentice McHoan and the mystery about the disappearance of his uncle Rory. The opening sentence is one of the best I've ever read in a book: "It was the day my grandmother exploded." The BBC has adapted the book for television, see my DVD/Video section for details.
An interesting thriller is Complicity, the story of the idealistic journalist Cameron and the story of a bizarre serial killer. But then the two stories slowly begin to merge... This story was turned into a film as well (with Jonny Lee Miller in the title role), see my DVD/Video section for details.
Finally The Business, Iain Banks latest book. The story of Kate Telman, a senior executive officer in a very powerful global organisation, The Business...

For some good books about architecture you might want to take a look at the recommendations for books about Charles Rennie Mackintosh (in the CRM section of The Armin Grewe Homepage).

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