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On my third visit to Islay it was time to also take the short trip over the Sound of Islay for a visit to the Isle of Jura. Jura is bigger than Islay but has a much smaller population of approx 200 (but then apparently several thousand deer live on Jura...). Most parts of it (especially on the western coast) can only be reached by foot, as there's only one road along the east coast. Unfortunately the weather wasn't great while I was there. It was reasonable during the morning (hazy but dry) but then it started to rain in the afternoon.
Picture of a small car ferry at a calm sound
The ferry from Port Askaig on Islay to the Isle of Jura (at time of writing this a day return for a car and driver was GBP 10). The crossing only takes about 5-10 minutes.
Picture of a single track road blocked by cows
The only road on Jura is a single track road, sometimes you have to share it with cows or sheep...
Picture of a walled garden
The walled garden at Jura House, Ardfin. You can visit the garden as well as enjoy two nice walks in the area. Especially on the longer walk you can enjoy some nice views over the Sound of Islay.
Picture of a small village with a hotel and distillery
Craighouse with the Jura Hotel (left) and Jura Distillery (right)
Picture of three grey hills under a grey sky
The Paps of Jura. As the weather wasn't good enough that day there was no point in climbing them, otherwise I'm told you have an excellent view from there.
Picture of a loch in a bleak landscape
Loch Tarbert cuts into Jura with the Paps in the background (on the left of the picture)

I hope the weather will be better when I return next year...

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