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Picture of ArminOn Sunday morning we drove over to Ballygrant to meet the other walkers and Donald James (D.J.) MacPhee for our first walk of the Islay Walking Week 2004. After an introduction by D.J. (who is the gamekeeper at the Dunlossit Estate and therefore knows the area extremely well) we left for the walk:

From Ballygrant Hall we walked past Loch Ballygrant, Lossit Lodge and Lossit Farm to make our way up Dùn Bhorariac. There isn't much left of the broch, so I didn't really take many pictures of it, instead I mainly enjoyed the view over the Sound of Islay, to Jura and towards McArthur's Head.

The early clouds were beginning to lift and the sun started to come through, giving some nice reflections on the water of the Sound of Islay.

Picture of walkers at Ballygrant Hall
Picture of walkers on their way up a hill
Panoramic picture of the view from Dùn Bhorariac
Picture of walkers walking along a trackDown again we walked through the woods and along tracks to the Baleachdrach shore. The views along the shore towards McArthur's Head were fantastic, with the sun glistening on the water and the majestic hills towering over the Sound of Islay. We saw various birds, some seals (sorry, no picture of either) and someone spotted an adder (Picture on the right). I managed to take a picture of it before it disappeared in the undergrowth, probably a wee bit scared of all the attention.

Crossing burns over improvised bridges (or sometimes just wading through them) we continued to the Mountain Association Bothy at An Cladach. Time for a well earned lunch...

Picture of the view south along the shore
Picture of an adder
Picture of an improvised bridge over a burn Picture of the bothy at An Cladach
After lunch it was time to continue and we started to walk up Beinn Bhreac. The view back over the Sound of Islay and towards McArthur's Head was beautiful, well, as long as it lasted:

Unfortunately this was the point where rain set in, stopping me taking many more pictures. We continued through Glen Logan and around the back of Beinn Dubh. Somewhere on the way D.J. pointed out an antler, which I picked up and now have at home as a souvenir. We stopped at the ruins of an house, where I managed to take the pictures below.

Past Loch Lossit we returned to Lossit Lodge, where D.J. invited us to tea, pancakes and a wee dram. A very nice refreshment after a nice (and for some exhausting) walk.

Picture of walkers on Beinn Bhreac
Picture of walkers in the rain Picture of more walkers in the rain
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