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Picture of a large ferry All too soon my time on Islay was over, after five great days I had to take the ferry back to the mainland

The morning and early afternoon was spent catching up on shopping and saying good-byes. I drove over to Kilchoman to drop off a CD with pictures from our walk to Proaig and McArthur's Head, then to the brewery to pick up some beer to take home with me.

Next stop was Persabus for some more shopping before I finally drove to Port Askaig to catch the ferry. The Isle of Arran soon arrived and boarding began.

Having arrived fairly early my car was on the ferry among the first, allowing me to take a few pictures of the boarding procedure. It's not perfect (and not good enough for a QTVR panorama) but I managed to take pictures for a panoramic view of Port Askaig and some cars preparing to board the ferry:

Picture of a panoramic view over a harbour from a ship
Picture of a sound with rain moving in The weather had been bright earlier in the day, unfortunately it had deteriorated by the time the ferry left from Port Askaig: Dark clouds were building up and I could see the rain further down the Sound of Islay.

I had hoped to take a few pictures of the lighthouse at McArthur's Head and brought my zoom, but my optimism was reduced looking out and seeing the rain coming down.

As we approached McArthur's Head the sun did break through for a moment, but we were still too far away to take the pictures I wanted. By the time we closest to the lighthouse it was raining again and I had to take shelter under the bridge to take the picture. I'll try again next time...

Picture of a lighthouse and a buoy Picture of a lighthouse in the rain
Picture of clouds breaking up over the sea It wasn't all rain though, the clouds did break up occasionally for some blue sky. The picture doesn't really do the view justice, it looked much more dramatic in reality.

We arrived in Kennacraig early in the evening, from where I had an uneventful drive to Arrochar where I had a reservation at the Village Inn Arrochar. I had planned to go hillwalking the next day and was a bit nervous about the weather after the rain and low clouds earlier in the day. But the weather in Arrochar looked very promising for some nice walking...

Picture of the Village Inn guesthouse and restaurant Picture of a sea loch with clear sky above

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