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A panorama of a view south and west from the summit of Ben A'an. On the left (looking south-east) is Loch Achray, the footpath up Ben A'an starts from here. To the right of the loch you can make out the Loch Achray Hotel. Turning right Ben Venue (727m) comes into view. Just under it you see the eastern end of Loch Katrine with the pier from where the SS Sir Walter Scott leaves for its journeys on Loch Katrine. Just to the right of Ben Venue you can see Am Priosan jutting out into Loch Katrine, it's easy to see why it was popular to keep cattle on it with only a fairly small 'entrance' to it. Then Loch Katrine stretches out west into the distance, behind it you can just catch a glimpse of Loch Arklet. Almost disappearing into the clouds and haze the Arrochar Alps, if you know what to look for you can make out The Cobbler (Ben Arthur) and next to it Beinn Narnain. A little closer on the right of the panorama Stob a'Choin (869m).

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