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Picture of a road sign
Approaching it you see a lot of cars in front of you (the picture on the right was taken on a Sunday afternoon, don't let it mislead you). And soon it is your turn to drive through the famous "Magic Roundabout"...
Swindon has a lot of roundabouts, but nothing can properly prepare you for this. You are driving down Drove Road from Old Town, when you spot the sign on the left. That looks a bit strange you might think. Desperately you try to remember if this was in the Highway Code. But now you don't have much choice any longer, you have to drive through it. So you drive on...
Picture of the sign and roundabout

The "Magic Roundabout" is probably one of the most infamous features of Swindon. In a nutshell it consists out of five individual roundabouts grouped in a circle around a central point.

Picture of the Magic Roundabout

A few impressions of the "Magic Roundabout" from different directions. Above from the junction to Fleming Way, next to the Firestation (Drove Road on the right). Below from the junction to County Road, on the side of the County Ground.

Picture of the Magic Roundabout

Do you still want to see more? Then read on...

For an impression of it while driving through it here is my slightly exaggerated video of a drive around the Magic Roundabout. Not to be taken too seriously:

For another impression, on the right is a small QuickTime VR panorama of the Magic Roundabout. It was taken from the central part of the circle, the individual roundabouts are grouped around it.

You can navigate by pointing your mouse over the panorama and moving it while pressing the mouse button. You can zoom in/out with the +/- controls just under the panorama.

Apologies for the poor quality (and the "ghost cars"), unfortunately my camera isn't fast enough to capture the individual pictures quick enough to avoid these.

Even the international press has picked up the Magic Roundabout

For a few arial pictures and some history you can try the Magic Roundabout page at Swindonweb.

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