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Islay with it's long history has a lot to offer. All over Islay you will find the remains of early settlements, most prominently probably at Finlaggan. On this page I'm going to show you pictures of a few churches and Celtic crosses. To start with the unique church of Bowmore. Why unique? Because it is round and there are only two round churches in Scotland. Legend has it that this shape was selected so that the devil can't hide in a corner...
The round church in Bowmore The church was built from 1767 to 1769 by Daniel Campbell. A gallery was added in 1830 and the organ in 1890 (Sorry, no pictures).

The round church in Bowmore
The round church in Bowmore
On to the Celtic crosses: Kilchoman Cross from about AD1400 and Kildalton High Cross from about AD800.
Kilchoman Cross from AD1400
Kilchoman Cross full picture
Kilchoman Cross detail
Kilchoman Church pictureKilchoman Cross can be found next to the old church of Kilchoman (which unfortunately is in a very bad state and boarded up). From here you also have a nice view over Machir Bay.
Kildalton High Cross is the only surviving complete Celtic High Cross in Scotland. It was carved about AD800, probably by a sculptor from Iona, from the local blue stone. The biblical scene on the front include the virgin and the child, and David and the lion while on the back are animals and carved bosses.
Kildalton High Cross detail Kildalton High Cross with the author Kildalton High Cross from the back