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Welcome to my pages about the beautiful Isle of Islay. ‘Where is Islay?’, you might ask. Here's a wee map to help you finding it: Map of south west Scotland with Islay in the centre

Islay is the most southerly of the Hebridean islands off the west coast of Scotland. It is approx 25 miles long north-south and approx 20 miles wide east-west, it has approx 3,500 permanent residents. Traveling by car and ferry (from Kennacraig) it should take approximately 4 1/2 hours to/from Glasgow (2 1/2 hours for the approx 100 mile drive and 2 hours for the ferry crossing).

‘What is there so special about Islay?’ might be your next question. Depending on who you are there might be different answers (By the way, Islay is pronounced ‘eye-la’). Islay is famous for a number of things: Mainly probably for its excellent Islay Single Malt Whiskies from the eight working distilleries. Islay is also very popular among birdwatchers, in particular for the Greenland Geese. There are a number of important historic sites included several Celtic crosses and Finlaggan, home to the Lords of the Isles. Islay has a number of beautiful beaches as well as some impressive cliffs and some beautiful nature all round.

I invite and encourage you to browse these pages to learn more about Islay and enjoy the views though my images, pictures and photography of Islay. If you just need a quick answer to a question try the Islay FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions About the Isle of Islay. And if you can't find it here try also, a blog about the Isle of Islay, Scotland, with daily updates about Islay. For more pictures you might want to visit my Islay photoblog at Islay Pictures - Pictures from the Isle of Islay, Scotland

If you need information to take with you on a visit to Islay I suggest the printable Islay guide I've just developed. It is a PDF document which can downloaded and printed off before a visit to Islay.

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