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Most people visiting Islay will probably make a purchase in one of the distilleries. But there's more to spend your money on when visiting Islay, some I will mention here:

The Islay Woollen Mill Persabus Pottery Elizabeth Sykes Batiks Books about Islay
The Islay Woollen Mill can be found at the A384 from Bridgend to Port Askaig about 1.5 miles from Bridgend. You can see how the tweed is woven and will probably be offered a tour of the premises. Look out for the tweed woven for several films, e.g. Braveheart (where a special tartan was developed by The Islay Woollen Mill) or Rob Roy. Or look for the Finlaggan Tartan, examples you should find on the website.
The Islay Woollen MillThe Woollen Mill (picture on the left) is "hidden" under trees, the stream flows right in front of it but can't be seen in this picture. At time of writing this page opening hours were Mon-Sat 9am-5pm.
Machinery and proud owner

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Persabus Pottery is just outside Port Askaig on the road to Bunnahabhain, it's almost impossible to miss. While you're there you might also want to enjoy the view over to the Paps of Jura. If the picture were bigger you could see them on the right.
Persabus Pottery building
Persabus Pottery products
Some of the product on offer. You will find water jugs for Whisky and several other nice things. I recommend the Bowmore Round Church "replicas", they look very nice with a tea light in the them.

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Some examplesElizabeth Sykes Batiks can be found in Bridgend on the A846 to Port Askaig.
The picture on the left shows two examples (prints on postcards) of her work, you will find many more on her website. Mainly it's lovely pictures from places on the Isle of Islay, but you will also find animals in particular birds. She also offers courses if you are interested in learning the technique.
The shop

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You might be interested in a few books before or after visiting Islay. Here's a selection of books and maps in association with

Islay, by Norman S. NewtonIslay by Norman S. Newton (Paperback - 112 pages (March 1995) David & Charles; ISBN: 090711590X) Islay by M. Storrie (Paperback (December 1981) House of Lochar; ISBN: 0907651011) Walks Around Islay and JuraWalks Around Islay and Jura by Footprint (Map (May 1999) Footprint Maps and Guides; ISBN: 187114938X)
Landranger 60: IslayEspecially if you plan to do some hillwalking you might need a map. So you might want to try this one: Landranger Map 0060: Islay by Ordnance Survey (Paperback (22 April, 1999) Ordnance Survey; ISBN: 0319223906) Islay Notebook by C Gordon (Paperback (December 1983) Islay Museums Trust; ISBN: 0950935107) An Islay Cookbook by Carol OgilvieThe last one is as far as I know not available on Amazon. It's "An Islay Cookbook" by Carol Ogilvie. Carol has gathered a lot of recipes from Islay and illustrated them. I've seen it in various shops on Islay, so you shouldn't have any problems finding it there. Otherwise you might want to contact the publisher: The Lochindaal Press, Glencairn, Bruichladdich, Isle of Islay, PA49 7UN.
Picture of Roy's Celtic HouseIf you don't want to buy from Amazon or can't find the book you are looking for, then try Roy's Celtic House in Bowmore. They have a huge collection of Islay and Jura related books (as well as some other things).
You can also call them at +44-1496-810304 where I'm sure they will help you to find what you're looking for.
For my own designs using pictures taken during my visits to Islay and ideas gathered over the years you might want to visit Armin's Little Shop. As of late July 2006 I've created two designs, one with an image of the Port Charlotte Lighthouse, Loch Indaal and the Paps of Jura and one with an outline of Islay and the text "Isle of Islay - Been there, Done that, And will go again". The second one is the t-shirt for the repeat visitor to Islay, like me.