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Most of my pictures from the Isle of Islay only show a small area. On this page I will try to collect pictures showing you a little bit more: My attempts at creating 360° Quicktime VR Panoramas. To view them you will need the Apple QuickTime plugin installed on your PC. The previews on this page give you an impression of what to expect, follow the links under the previews for the full experience.

Preview of the Portnahaven panorama

360° panorama of Portnahaven: A view over Portnahaven on a sunny April afternoon. Orsay with the lighthouse can be seen in the background (on the left in the preview above). Approx 1MB download for the panorama.

Preview of the Machir Bay panorama

360° panorama of Machir Bay: A view over Machir Bay at low tide, standing on the beach close to the water. Unfortunately the weather was quite cloudy that day, but I think the panorama still gives a good impression. Approx 1MB download for the panorama.

Preview of the view over Kilchiaran Bay panorama

360° panorama of Kilchiaran: A view over Kilchiaran Bay from the south. Kilchiaran farm on the right of the bay, just right of the of the centre of the preview above. Approx 1MB download for the panorama.

Picture of a panoramic view over the Rhinns of Islay

Rhinns of Islay 360° Panorama: A fantastic view over the south western part of Islay, also known as Rinns of Islay. The view is from Beinn Seasaimh (139m) on the west coast, taking in Orsay, The Oa, Machir Bay and a lot of other places. Taken on a brilliant day in August 2006.

Picture of a panoramic (360°) view over a beach (Lossit Bay on Islay)

Lossit Bay Panorama, Islay: A slightly dark and moody panorama of Lossit Bay on the west coast of the Isle of Islay. It was much brighter later in the day, but I quite like the atmosphere in this panorama. I hope you like it as well.

Picture of a panoramic (360°) view over a wide from a concrete pier on a beautiful sunny April morning

A 360° panorama of the view from Port Charlotte pier over Loch Indaal on the Isle of Islay. Taken on a beautiful sunny morning in April 2006. The view takes in Loch Indaal, parts of Port Charlotte, the Paps of Jura, Laggan Point and The Oa with the American Monument. Not to forget Port Charlotte pier!

More to come over time, when I had the chance to take pictures and put them together into a panorama. If you have any suggestions please send me an email and I'll see what I can do during one of my visits to Islay. If you liked these panoramas you might also be interested in some other panoramas from Islay. For more QuickTime VR panoramas you might also be interested in my 180° QTVR panoramas from Islay or my Islay Distillery Panoramas.