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The Paps of Jura as seen from the Isle of Islay The ferry from Islay to JuraJura is Islay's northern neighbour. It's much less populated than Islay, unless you count deer as population. Jura is just a short ferry trip over the Sound of Islay (Picture on the right)
The most distinguishing feature of Jura are probably the three mountains known as the "Paps of Jura". They can be seen from Islay as well as from the Argyll coastline (Picture above left shows a view from the road to Bunnahabhain).
Cattle on the only road on the Isle of JuraDriving on Jura is an interesting experience: The only road on Jura (along the east coast) is a single track road. And quite frequently you have to share it with other travellers: Cattle for example. The ones on the picture on the left gave way, but sometimes you have to find a way to get around one lying on the road. Should you decide to drive all the way to the northern tip of Islay take some time, Coastline at the East coast of Jura
the road is very narrow especially once you've passed Craighouse. But for your patience you will see lovely views like in the picture on the right.
To finish on this page three more pictures from Jura: First a standing stone. You will find them everywhere on Jura. Second a deer, of which apparently there are almost 5000 on Jura. And finally a view of the Paps (well, one of them) from the North-East:
Standing stone on the Isle of Jura A stag on the Isle of Jura Landscape on Jura, one of the Paps in the background

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