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Latest edition of the printable Islay Guide:

Screenshot of the cover of Armin's Little Islay Guide

Most of the information about Islay on this site is spread out over a large number of pages, difficult to print out, collate and take with you when going on a holiday to Islay. As a service to my visitors I thought I should provide something they can download, print off and take with them on their journey. That's how the idea of ‘Armin's Little Islay Guide’ came to pass.

Screenshot of four pages of a booklet

It is a 44 page downloadable and printable guide to Islay which can be stored locally and printed off easily to be taken with you on a visit to Islay. The picture on the right provides a preview of how the guide looks.

The booklet can be printed double-sided and then bound to provide something more substantial than just a collection of pages. A table of contents at the start of the guide helps to find the required information quickly. An overview map provides some help with orientation.

Now this guide is by no means an official guide to Islay. It is my personal guide. It is to an extent biased by my own preferences, interests and experiences. Nevertheless I hope first time as well as returning visitors to Islay will find it helpful for their visits to Islay. While I'm doing my best to ensure accuracy I can not guarantee that all information is correct and complete, you will have to use it at your own risk. But now to the guide:

Download the Printable Islay Guide, 6th edition April 2014 (409kb PDF document)

I would very much appreciate any feedback you might have, be it corrections and updates, be it suggestions for improvements. I will aim to publish updated and expanded versions of the guide in irregular intervals, depending on how quick updates become necessary and available.

Printable Islay Guide Archive:

For those interested in seeing how the guide developed over time here is an archive of the older editions of the guide: