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Islay has eight distilleries, on this page you can see pictures from three of them: Ardbeg, Bowmore and Laphroaig. For more information about the Islay malt whiskies try my Islay whisky page, for more pictures you might also want to try my holiday section.
Washback at Ardbeg distillery
Washback (or wash still) at Ardbeg distillery
Still at Ardbeg distillery
Copper pot still at Ardbeg distillery
Ardbeg distillery
Ardbeg distillery (This building is now the visitor centre)
Bowmore distillery
Bowmore distillery, the oldest on Islay
Laphroaig distillery
Laphroaig distillery, the malting happens in this building
Laphroaig distillery
Laphroaig distillery, warehouse on the right