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Picture of King Street in Portnahaven with Orsay in the background Picture of a view from King Street over to Shore Street in Portnahaven
Picture of a view over Portnahaven with Port Wemyss in the background Portnahaven and its twin village of Port Wemyss (in the background on the picture on the left) are right at the southern end of the Rinns peninsula. It is 7 miles from Port Charlotte along a twisty single-track road, if you are lucky you might see a few seals on the offshore rocks of Loch Indaal.
The little harbour of Portnahaven is protected by a natural harbour wall in the shape of two islands, on the bigger one (Orsay, below right) you can see the lighthouse which was built in 1825 as well as the ruins of chapel.
The two villages share on church (below left), apparently with its own path and entrance for each village. Not too far away, on the road from Portnahaven to Kilchiaran you can find something a little bit older: Cultoon Stone Circle.
Picture of the parish church in Portnahaven Picture of the view from Portnahaven to Orsay with the lighthouse