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As the last picture from Durlston Country Park indicated the Sunday started off as the Saturday finished: With dense fog. In lower areas and especially close to the sea the fog didn't lift for the whole day (well, certainly not until 15:00hrs which was when I had to leave for the airport). Which meant I couldn't take pictures of a few places as I simply couldn't see anything...
Picture of a fishing boat in the fog

A fishing boat in the fog in Lulworth Cove.

Stair Hole on the right, which will turn into a cove at some point.

Picture of Stair Hole next to Lulworth Cove
Picture of a natural arch with a freeclimber

A freeclimber at Stair Hole (look in the Arch)

Picture of a natural arch in the fog

Durdle Door almost disappears in the fog

Strangely enough the fog was only right at the water, once you climbed up the cliff again it was "clear" and sunny (although you could still see the fog in lower areas). On the right a view from Durdle Door Caravan Park towards West Lulworth Picture of a view along a sign over a hilly landscape, some fog in the distance