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Picture of a view along a cliffDurlston Country Park is located just south of Swanage at the south eastern end of the Isle of Purbeck at Durlston Head. It is also a popular place for divers (you can see a boat with divers on the right picture). Picture of a view over a cliff, a boat below
Picture of a quarry in some cliffsThe cliffs at Durlston were also used as a quarry (The one on this picture is called Tilly Whim Quarry), but they are now closed as the cliffs have become too unstable. Now only seabirds and rare wildflowers remain
Picture of a view along a coastline

A very nice view from Durlston Head to Peveril Point on the right. In the distance you can see "Old Harry" (The white "dots" directly behind Peveril Point). Unfortunately it was quite hazy that day, so you can't see it very well.

Picture of Durlston Lighthouse

Durlston Lighthouse before the fog came...

Picture of fog rolling in over a lighthouseAnd then suddenly the sunny day was over: Fog rolled over and everthing disappeared, only the light of the lighthouse appearing again and again...

This fog was to stay until the next day when I went to Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door