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Glasgow. Largest city in Scotland. Home to various museums displaying a huge range of artistic talent. Home to several of the buildings Charles Rennie Mackintosh designed. Home to the strongest rivalry between two football (soccer for you Americans) teams in the world: Celtic Glasgow vs Glasgow Rangers. And that's just the start.
Picture of a large square in the centre of a city Picture of a large square in the centre of a city
I've been to Glasgow several times, every time I discover something new while also returning to something I've visited before. This time I focused on buildings Charles Rennie Mackintosh designed and visited several of them. You will see more of it on the following pages or if you are interested you can also go to the special Charles Rennie Mackintosh section of my website.
Picture of an old school buildingThe picture on the left is Martyrs' Public School, one of the first buildings CRM was involved in designing. On the right you can see the Glasgow School of Art, some consider it the most important building he ever designed. The school is still in use, so the only opportunity to see it from the inside is via a guided tour. As of writing this page they were Mon-Fri 11am & 2pm as well as Sat 10:30am & 11:30am. The tour takes approx 1 hour and gives you an excellent overview of the building. You won't be allowed to take pictures inside, which is also the reason why you only find pictures from the outside on my pages. In any case, any pictures on my pages can only give you a taste, if you are really interested I strongly recommend a visit to the sites. It's the only way to experience the dimensions and how CRM uses various techniques to create an atmosphere. Picture of an art school with large windows for optimal light
Picture of a street in the evening light, slightly wet after a rain shower Obviously I also did some shopping, especially during the time it rained (which were short, but nevertheless). On the left you can see Buchanan Street after an evening shower. I spent quite a lot of time in the book shops, of which Glasgow has plenty. But I also had time for more culture, below a picture of Kelvingrove Gallery seen from Glasgow University:
Picture of a view over a large museum building
Picture of a person standing in front of Celtic Park football stadium Finally, after all this culture it was time for something completely different: I went to see a football match at Celtic Park. CIS Cup, 3rd round, Celtic -vs- Raith Rovers. Celtic won 4:0 with goals from Sutton, Johnson and Thompson (an excellent back heel in his first match for Celtic). Obviously not as exciting as the 6:2 defeat of Rangers a week earlier, but at least it gave me an impression of the atmosphere in the stadium. Getting a ticket for any major game is next to impossible anyway if you aren't a season ticket holder.
Picture of a ticket for a football match Celtic vs Raith Rovers

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