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Being in Glasgow again I had to use the opportunity for another visit to the House for an Artlover, a building Charles Rennie Mackintosh designed. The building is in Bellahouston Park, use exit 23 if you're travelling on the M8 from Glasgow to Glasgow Airport. If you are interested in more detail you might want to visit the Charles Rennie Mackintosh section of my website, you will also find two pages about the House for an Artlover (House for an Artlover, page 2) there
Picture of a beautiful house designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, the House for an Artlover Picture of an oval shaped room with white furniture and decor
Picture of Armin sitting in the sun on a terraceThat's me after enjoying an excellent lunch. I had a Chicken Caesar's Salad with some lovely sunshine ;-)

Above you can see a picture of the house (left) and of the Oval Room (right)

Picture of a terrace with people sitting at tables
Now what was going to be next? As I was on my way to the Isle of Islay the Hill House in Helensburgh was the obvious choice as it is almost on the way to Tarbert...

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