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Picture of dunes and cliffs in Saligo Bay
After the sunny weather the previous day it unfortunately turned out quite cloudy this day. I joined an organised walk from walkislay, where "Gus Keys took us along the coastline from Saligo, up to Traigh Bhan and then overland to Loch Corr". About 20 people gathered at Saligo where we met Gus. Through Saligo Bay we made our way north. We followed the coastline as much as possible with Gus giving some excellent explanations about the history and nature of the area.

We learned a bit about bird watching and various efforts to support rare species (of which I've forgotten the names, I must admit).

Lunch was taken on the way shelted behind some rocks, looking out to the sea. Refreshed we continued north towards Traigh Bhan.

Picture of walkers on Islay
Picture of waves and cliffs
Picture of walkersPicture of cliffs
Panoramic picture of the coast
Past Rubha Lamanais and Dun Bheolain we made our way to Traigh Bhan. Unfortunately rain set in briefly here, so I couldn't take any pictures. But the rain soon stopped again and we continued towards Loch Corr.
We also spotted some deer in the distance (this is the best picture I managed with my zoom):
Picture of deer on the horizon
Picture of Loch Corr
Picture of a wave breaking Past Smaull we returned to Saligo, where the walk ended. My thanks to Gus and the organisers of WalkIslay for a very nice walk!

As I had some time left in the afternoon I decided to take a short detour to Machir Bay. I always enjoy the waves in Machir Bay and spent some time just watching the waves breaking and rolling towards the beach. I also took a panorama picture, which you can find on my Isle of Islay 360° Quicktime VR Panoramas page

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