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Picture of a small bay and view over a loch When I woke up on Friday morning it was cloudy with occasional showers. Hoping that the weather would improve I decided to leave for the Trossachs anyway, thinking I might be able to walk on Ben A'an.

But it wasn't really meant to be. The weather remained dull and grey with the occasional shower thrown in. Not a problem as such, but one of the reasons of getting up on Ben A'an are the views. I stopped at David Marshall Lodge above Aberfoyle, hoping I might see some brighter weather coming over from the south. No luck.

Finally I gave up, there wasn't going to be any hillwalking today. As I was already close to it anyway I drove to Loch Katrine for a walk on the road along the loch.

Picture of an island in a loch Picture of a view over a loch from under some trees
After a while the last rain stopped and the walk was quite pleasant despite the clouds. Near the Silver Strand I had a good view over to Eilean Molach (Ellen's Isle), where an English soldier was beheaded with a single blow by a Helen Stewart who had taken refuge here with a group of other woman. This incident is thought to have inspired a number of stories and poems, including works by Sir Walter Scott.

I continued along the road west, enjoying further views: Below a nice view looking back south east from Ruinn Dubh Aird. Meall Reamhar (555m) and Ben A'an (454m) on the left. Am Priosan in the centre, the pier with the Walter Scott is behind it out of sight. Ben Venue hiding in the clouds on the right.

Picture of a panoramic view over a loch
Picture of a small waterfall behind treesPicture of a waterfall under birch treesThere were several burns with small waterfalls coming down near the road, providing nice views and sounds with the water rushing down over the rocks.

By now the weather was quite dry, although it was still cloudy. At least it was brighter now and at one point I even had a short glimpse of a break in the clouds and some blue sky. Not very long, but better than nothing.

From Ruinn Dubh Aird I continued west and soon arrived near Brenachoile Lodge. Below it is a pier with a boat house, not sure if it still in house, when I was there it was empty.

From the end of the pier I had another nice view over Loch Katrine. Ben Venue was still hiding in the clouds, Ben A'an only just visible in the distance.

Picture of a panoramic view over a loch from a pier with a boathouse
Picture of a road along a loch I still had some time left before I had to turn back, so I continued west. The road now went slighty higher up and away from the shore, only giving occasional glimpses of the loch.

Somewhere near Letter and Edra I decided it was time to turn back. A last view west towards the Arrochar Alps hiding in the clouds and mist, then I started the walk back.

Just before I got dark I arrived back at the car park, by the time I left it was pretty much dark.

On the way back to Glasgow I decided to stop at a restaurant I had noticed on the way out, the Beech Tree Inn at Dumgoyne by Killearn. This turned out to be a good decision: Huge portions of good food at reasonable prices.

Picture of a view over Loch Katrine under clouds, hills in the background Picture of a road through trees with the last leaves from the autumn
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