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The Islay Walking Week 2007 took place 14-20 Apr 2007. In a way this was a little jubilee, as it was the fifth week after 2003, 2004, 2005 and most recently 2006. Would this year break the 300 mark for completed walks?

We had excellent walks with mostly great weather. We enjoyed excellent and sometimes unexpected views over Islay. We saw a variety of wildlife including otters, adders and eagles. We listened to music and had the odd drink. We walked many many miles. And yes, we broke the 300 mark for completed walks, 362 walks were completed by approx 80 walkers.

Follow the links below for details and many more pictures from the walks and my stay on Islay:

Picture of a harbour in the evening light Arrival on Islay
The journey to Kennacraig, ferry crossing to Port Ellen, the first morning in Bridgend. Everything that happened before the first walk.
Picture of a group of walkers walking through woodland Lossit Walk, Isle of Islay
Our first walk, Donald James MacPhee took us for a nice walk to Loch Allan, the Sound of Islay and Baleachdrach. Wildlife sightings included an otter.
Picture of a hilltop, two other hills just visible in the haze in the distance Giùr-bheinn Walk, Isle of Islay
The second walk of the walking week, taking us to the summit of Giùr-bheinn (318m) in the north-east of Islay.
Picture of people walking on a wide sandy beach Killinallan Walk, Isle of Islay
The third walk of the week, beach walking past Killinallan Point along the dunes at Tràgh Baile Aonghais. All in beautiful sunshine. Also:
Picture of a presenter standing in front of an audience Islay Visitors Welcome Evening
A belated welcome to Islay: Information, music and dance at the Visitors Welcome Evening.
Picture of walkers coming over a hill, a sea loch coming into view with a village on the other side Loch to Loch Walk, Isle of Islay
The fourth walk of the week provided new and unexpected views of Islay. We walked from north east of Loch Gruinart (Gortantaoid to be precise) across Islay to Loch Indaal. Also:
Picture of walkers next to a sound, the Sound of Islay Sound of Islay Walk, Isle of Jura
Instead of going to Colonsay we went to Jura for a walk north along the Sound of Islay. Great views over to Islay! Also:
Picture of three walkers turning off at a sign post to Evans Walk Corra Bheinn and the Paps Walk, Isle of Jura
A grey and wet start, followed by fantastic weather later: A long walk around Corra Bheinn and between the Paps of Jura with amazing views over the Isle of Jura. Also:
Picture of a group of walkers approaching an ancient hill fort Two Forts Walk, Isle of Islay
A shorter walk in the south of Islay, visiting the remains of two ancient hill forts near Loch Carn a'Mhaoil.
Picture of a group of people walking through a forest in the last evening light Evening Walk and Departure from Islay
An evening walk through Bridgend Woods as the last walk of the week, then it was time to leave Islay after a great walking week.
While on Islay I did a bit of ‘live blogging’ on, my blog about Islay. The main entries about the walking week were these:
If you are interested in more information about Islay, Colonsay and Jura you might also be interested in my Isle of Islay pages. There you will find many more pictures and further information about Islay, Jura and Colonsay.