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June 2007. My second visit to Islay for the year after WalkIslay 2007 in April and my 15th visit in total. My sisters second visit to Islay. My mothers third visit to Islay. My fathers first visit to Islay. And the first time the Grewe family together on Islay.

Please follow the links below for the travelogue from our stay on Islay, the whole Grewe family during the first week, just myself during the second week:

Picture of a ferry in the evening light Arrival on Islay
The journey to Kennacraig, ferry crossing to Port Ellen and the drive to Kilchoman. My sister and me arrive on Islay.
Picture of a view over Machir Bay with a sandy beach and dunes, houses in the foreground Kilchoman Crags Walk, Islay
Our first day on Islay with a walk along the crags above Kilchoman House. Fantastic views over Machir Bay and Kilchoman in brilliant sunshine.
Picture of a sunset over a bay Kilchoman Sunset, Islay
A fitting end to the first day, a beautiful sunset over Kilchoman Beach and Machir Bay, seen from the dunes.
Picture of a plane during the landing approach Islay's Big Strand and Parents' Arrival
We spend the day in Bowmore and at the Big Strand, waiting for our parents to arrive at Islay airport in the afternoon.
Picture of a group of walkers with a RSPB guide Walking and Birdwatching on The Oa, Islay
Mike from the RSPB takes us on a guided walk around The Oa. Peregrine Falcon chicks and Choughs were among the birds we saw.
Picture of a family in whisky cask chairs in front of a distillery An Afternoon at the Distilleries, South Islay
Lunch at Ardbeg, followed by a walk across the low hills along the shore to Lagavulin. All in very nice weather.
Picture of a whisky distillery, Bruichladdich on the Isle of Islay Bruichladdich and Portnahaven, Rinns of Islay
After a rainy morning a very nice afternoon on the Rinns of Islay: We visit Bruichladdich Distillery where I fill a bottle of whisky, followed by a nice walk at Portnahaven and Port Wemyss.
Picture of a beach below dunes, going around the top of an island Gruinart Reserve and Ardnave in the North West of Islay
We split up for the morning and early afternoon of this day: While my parents and sister go for a guided birdwatching walk at the RSPB Loch Gruinart I go for a walk around Ardnave Point.
Picture of a sandy beach in a bay backed by dunes Afternoon at Saligo Bay, West Coast of Islay
With some time left in the afternoon we drove out to Saligo Bay. Enjoying nice views, some birdwatching, sunshine, that kind of thing.
Picture of ancient ruins on an island in a loch (lake) Bridgend, Port Askaig and Finlaggan on Islay
An afternoon spent in the Bridgend / Port Askaig area: Witnessing modern history at Port Askaig and viewing ancient history at Finlaggan
Picture of a couple approaching a beach across some rough landscape Killinallan Beach Walk on Islay
After my sister left us for Kintyre I took my parents for a walk from Killinallan to Gortantaoid and back along the beach.
Picture of a group of walkers walking into a glen (valley) Glen Logan walk to the Sound of Islay
Giving my parents a rest day I walked to the Sound of Islay with the Walkaboutabitmore Walks group. Sunny to start with, very wet later.
Picture of a coastal village seen across a bay Islay Airport and Bowmore
My parents left with the morning flight from Islay airport, I then used the nice weather to look around Bowmore for a few photo opportunities.
Picture of a beach and rocky shore with breaking waves in the evening sun Loch Indaal and Saligo Bay
Now on my own I spent the evening around Loch Indaal and Saligo Bay enjoying the beautiful mild evening light.
Picture of a rainbow over a white building in front of crags Afternoon Islay Rainbow
On a quite grey and rainy day I stayed at the cottage, resting in front of the open fire. In the afternoon I was ‘rewarded’ by a wonderful rainbow over Kilchoman.
Picture of some dramatic coastal cliffs Hillwalking near Sanaigmore, Islay
A bit of coastal hillwalking near Sanaigmore. From Sanaigmore Bay I walked to the summit of Cnoc Uamh nam Fear, excellent views over the coastline in this part of Islay. Also some wild goat spotting.
Picture of a loch (lake) with the sun breaking through clouds above Sun after the Rain, Islay
After a rather grey and dull day the sun breaks through over Loch Gorm and Saligo Bay.
Picture of Kilchoman Distillery Kilchoman and Bruichladdich Distilleries, Islay
Visiting Islay's two western distilleries on a beautiful sunny afternoon, no whisky was consumed though.
Picture of the summit of a hill with a sea loch below Hillwalking at Beinn Tart a'Mhill, Islay
Afternoon hillwalking to the summit of the highest hill on the Rinns of Islay, Beinn Tart a'Mhill. Great views over Loch Indaal and a number of other places.
Picture of a rocky beach in the late evening light Last Evening on Islay Watching the Islay Malt Pillage passing Claggain Bay and the moon rising over Bowmore were the highlights of my last evening on Islay.
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