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A view of the seals in Loch Gruinart on the north coast of Islay. We are looking west to Kilnave over Loch Gruinart from near Killinallan. Kilnave Chapel is easily visible (Kilnave Cross isn't visible from here, as it is behind the chapel), but our main point of interest is closer to us in the middle of the loch: Several dozen seals can be seen lying on the sandbank, trying to catch a bit of the sun. Most of them in the big group, but also the odd stray one further away.

You can navigate by pointing your mouse over the panorama and moving it while pressing the mouse button. You can zoom in/out with the +/- controls just under the panorama. Some areas in the panorama are hotspots, if you move your mouse pointer over them a short explanation will show in the status bar of the panorama window.

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