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Picture of the view from Goatfell Welcome the travelogue from my holiday in Scotland in July 2004. My sister was in Scotland at the same time and joined me for the second week of this three islands tour:

My first week started in Galloway where I visited the Rinns of Galloway and went hillwalking up The Merrick. I then continued to Arran where among others I went up Goatfell. In the meantime my sister was horse trekking in Kintyre.

Towards the end of the first week I picked up my sister from the farm near Campbeltown and we took the ferry over to the Isle of Islay. We stayed on Islay for a few days, enjoying some hillwalking. From Islay we took the ferry to Colonsay, more walking but also Kiloran beach was on our agenda here.

Last but not least we took the ferry to Oban, from where we drove to Glasgow via Helensburgh. From Glasgow we then returned home, my sister to Germany by plane, me to Swindon by car.

Follow us on our tour through south west Scotland:

My week in Galloway and on the Isle of Arran:

My sister Imke's week in Kintyre:

Our week together on Islay and Colonsay:

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Picture of my sister on a horse
Picture of the bay with Proaig
Picture of Kiloran Bay on the Isle of Colonsay